Thorough and timely approach to verifying insurance benefits, which results in increased admissions.

Dedicated team of professionals will walk you and your clients through understanding benefits, expected reimbursement and specifications of their policy.

Dedicated team of licensed behavioral health professionals complete initial requests to prove medical necessity for treatment being rendered.

Consistent and timely communication with clients and treatment providers regarding outcomes.

SJHIA offers consultation services in order to troubleshoot issues and identify areas for improvement and growth.

Expert consultants provide services including but not limited to, training staff either remotely or on-site around best practices and documenting for success as well as guiding you through licensure and reimbursement standards.

Licensed behavioral health professionals will continue to seek authorization for services during the course of treatment and communicate accordingly.

We will access your EMR and utilize our strong clinical background to put together the case for authorization versus asking your therapists to fill in “scripts” that take away valuable treatment time.

SJHIA’s licensed behavioral health professionals will continue to advocate with your patient’s insurance company.

Our professionals complete these reviews in order to reduce the time you would take away from treatment and other important responsibilities.

Licensed behavioral health professionals will utilize their extensive experience in navigating the appeals process in order to advocate for authorization and reimbursement.

We will comprehensively evaluate your patient’s case, including but not limited to reviewing current and prior medical records to determine the best course of action for appeal.

A team of dedicated billing professionals work diligently to submit and track claims throughout the entire process until claims adjudicate.

24/7 access to specialized and customized billing software that allows you to understand the nuances of claims, design reports specific to your needs and succeed in maximizing revenue.