SJ Health Insurance Advocates (SJHIA) is a leader in behavioral health insurance advocacy. CooperRiis has partnered with our firm to assist their residents’ families with accessing their out of network health insurance benefits to obtain reimbursement for their payments made for services provided by CooperRiis. Each family is assigned a dedicated team of advocates with a large breadth of experience in all health insurance related matters. It is this relationship that allows families the peace of mind of knowing that they have an advocacy team.

Please complete the verification of benefits form below and one of our advocates will contact you.


Services Include:

Verification of Benefits.

Pre-Authorization of Services.

Concurrent Utilization Review.

Conduct Peer to Peer Review.


Claim generation, submission and tracking to ensure accurate and timely reimbursement.


I needed to extend COBRA as my prior employer had great insurance benefits. I was getting the run around when trying to get the paperwork in order. It took hours to get nowhere. I met Scott at a presentation he hosted. I hired him to help. We had the appointment and within two weeks I received the letter I needed and I was able to extend COBRA.
Peggy R.
Having found SJ Health Insurance Advocates has been a life saver and money saver!!! I have two sons’ that require therapy and SJHIA coordinates everything for me. From reaching out to the therapists, to obtaining invoices, to submission, to tracking. They do it all. They have found numerous issues on a monthly basis. The service does truly pay for itself.
Rebekah N.
As a Special Education Attorney, I am well versed with the daily challenges my clients face when it comes to health insurance reimbursement. SJ Health Insurance Advocates is the company I trust to handle these insurance related matters for my clients. They take great care of my clients and I am happy to have found them.
Staci G., Attorney
After surgery I was faced with thousands of dollars in medical bills from my doctor. My doctor did submit his invoice to insurance but kept getting denied for various reasons. I heard of SJ Health Insurance Advocates through a friend of mine who was also a client. SJHIA took on the case and stayed the course for close to one year. I was able to get back close to $15,000.
Sarah R.